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Feline Spay 

All Sizes : $193.25 

Spay with Declaw (Fronts) 

All Sizes : $340.33

Spay with Declaw (Fronts and Backs) 

All Sizes : $378.83

*Add on to price if :

In Heat Extra (more bleeding) : averages an additional $22.00

Pregnant (more time in surgery) : averages an additional $58.00 

Feline Neuter 

All Sizes : $160.74 

Feline Neuter with Declaw (Fronts) 

All Sizes : $ 307.82

Feline Neuter with Declaw (Fronts and Backs) 

All Sizes : $346.32

All prices include pre-surgery blood work which is $50 and optional.

Prices may vary depending on exact weight of pet

*All prices are before tax 

The price includes the surgery, exam, pain medication, and the overnight stay. 

Feline Neuters can leave the same day of their surgery 

Feline Spays, stay over night and may be picked up the next day after 9:00 am

The pet must be dropped off on the scheduled day between 7:30 am and 9:30 am. 

Pets must be vaccinated when staying overnight and can be done when you drop off. 

*For more information/detail please call

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